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a few years ago I painted my bathroom, can't remember what kind I used but the last year or so, the paint has been developing small bubbles in it.  I covered the ceiling with putty to get rid of the textured ceiling and that is fine to this day.  But the walls are not, so I know its probably an impurity on the original paint that is causing this.  All the bubbles are very small, maybe 1/32" but they are everywhere.  I want to repaint it again, but I don't want the same thing to happen to me again.  What can I do to eliminate this?

Sorry lance for not answering your question sooner but it was received today. The bubbles sound like moisture is getting through your finish and creating the small blisters. I would lightly sand the surface when dry and apply a good coat of oil based primer and then repaint. Your original top coat was probably an acrylic?

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