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I was using a steamer to remove a wallpaper border and I saw a peeling paint spot on the surface. Well, I pulled on it and 2 layers of paint peeled off leaving bare sheetrock. Now I have a strip about 8 inches wide of bare sheetrock at the top of my wall. I think the original paint may have been oil-based and I know I used latex on the second coat. When the paint peeled off it had a rubbery appearance. What do I do now?

Since the paint that peeled off had a rubbery appearance it was a latex paint. To me it sounds like they did not prime the sheetrock before they hung the paper, they just used latex paint as a primer.
I's suggest using a latex primer/sealer. on that 8" band around the room. If there are any spots that need to be patched after the primer, then patch and sand those spots and prime them.You could then either paint (2 coats) or hang wallpaper.  

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