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QUESTION: We live in southern California and our house is 50 years old.  Our stucco exterior needs to be redone. It hasn't been touched in over 20 years.  We are trying to determine if it is okay to simply re-paint or if we should re-stucco.  What indications should we look for in our exterior that will help us determine which option is best?  We'd like a bit of guidance before we talk to contractors.

ANSWER: I'm not clear on why you would re-stucco? Stucco is something that last's the life of the structure. Please describe the existing problem you have, cracks, peeling, etc.

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QUESTION: Thanks for respondinng. We do have cracks and pealing. Near the ground, some of the stucco is disintegrating.  Also, some other online forums say to not paint stucco (although most people do paint it). Obviously, our cracks, etc. would need to be patched if we paint.  I don't know if you are of the mind that patching and painting is a suitable course except in extreem circumstances.  I realize that might be a tough one to answer without looking at the house. Thanks!

The first thing is to remedy the moisture intrusion at the base of your walls (lower dirt level,drainage,etc.). I would advise power washing, surface conditioner on damaged areas, patching and painting with a standard masonry paint. Do not use elastmeric finishes because these do not "breathe" and allow trapped moisture to escape. Always check to make sure stucco is dry before applying any of your coatings. If what you have is color coat stucco (color in plaster) I would prime entire home with Loxon primer, tinted to your desired color and 1-2 coats of masonry paint to follow. You can find Loxon at Sherwin-Williams or Kelly-Moore may have something comprable.
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