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I realize that there can be a lot of variables but I have a 1800 sq ft ranch house, it is not in bad shape but there are just a little to many places that need touch up that the whole house needs painting. It has been about 25 years since it was last painted. Can you give me an approx. range of what this would cost?

The price range will depend upon:

-The overall scope of work involved. Some 1,800 sq ft ranches can be painted for $2,000 and some cost $10,000.
-The standards and expectations specified, such as quality of materials, extent of preparation, and duration of warranty.
-The contractor(s) providing the estimate, which can vary greatly, depending upon the Contractor's overhead, expenses, profit margin, availability, etc.

I'd suggest finding 3-5 local contractors to provide you with estimates. It's the only way to give you any kind of idea as far as price range. If and when you have done so, please don't hesitate to contact me again and we can review and evaluate them.  

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