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I have a mural 124" * 96".  It comes in four equal sections of 31" by 96" and the company that sent it says to use ordinary wallpaper paste to hang it.  My situation is this:  I have a textured wall to hang it on and I am a renter.  I don't want to harm the textured wall in case I move.  I realize if I remove the mural at a later date it will be destroyed but I don't know what, if any damage would be done to the wall. What is your advise on the best way to hang the mural with the least potential for damage to the wall later. Also, what adhesive should I use to create the best contact with the wall and most easily removed later with the least amount of damage to the wall.  Thanks for any help.


This is difficult to answer, my concern with wallpaper has always been to secure it to the wall and make sure that it can't be removed easily !!!!

There are numurous types of paste the ordinary powder and celluluse, but the most up to date science is using PVA based ready mixed adhesive.  I would venture to suggest that they all could cause damage to the substrate when removed.  My best suggestion which I emphasise is only a suggestion and not based upon any experience would be to apply a barrier Glaze to the textured surface prior to applying the Mural.  

Plenty of products available like Scumble Glaze, Also there is a Zinsser product called Guardz which is a sealer for powdery and friable plaster, but it dries perfectly clear and should leave the surface in it's original condition.

One word of caution if you do use a clear barrier coat make sure your wallpaper adhesive will stick to it.

Sorry I cannot be more authoritive, but I hope this helps.



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