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Hi Ed-

Tenants in our rental house moved out and I am getting ready for the new tenants.

On one of the walls by the side door they must have put 3 adhesive hooks and when they removed them it took some of the paint/paper with it. Not a hole but an approx 1" X 3" area with a rough texture while the rest of the wall is a semi-gloss paint. If it was a hole I would fill with lightweight spackling and repaint but this has me stumped. If I just repaint I think the difference in texture would show through. Ideas?


1st.... seal the spot with a sealer (guardz or a primer/sealer).
2nd.....Patch and sand the spot where the drywall was pulled off.
3rd.... Buy a can of spray texture (good for touch ups on textured walls).
4th... When the texture is dry (usually 1 hour) paint 2 coats of paint over the spot.

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