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We're painting the house inside. The walls are flat, no texture, and they're currently painted off-white. We're going to paint them white on top (2 coats)

We're going to use PPG High-Hide paint, and for the ceilings Home Depot's BEHR ceiling paint

How can we calculate how much paint we need per square feet for the walls and for the ceiling? Is there a formula?

Thanks in advance.

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Figure the square feet of the walls.
Ecample is a 12 foot by 12 foot room.
with 8 foot walls.

Ceiling 12 by 12 equals 144 square feet.
1 12 by 8 foot wall equals 96 square feet 1 wall 8'x 12'=96 square feet.
4 walls =  ( 96x4 ) = 384 square feet.
Subtract 15 square feet for each door and window .
If there is one door and two windows.
384 square feet subtract 45 square feet = 339 square feet.
So 339 square feet for the walls + 144 square  feet  for the  ceiling =483 square feet  for 1 coat.
483 x2= 966 square feet.
Paint covers 300 square feet per coat.
So in that example with two coats you'll need between so in that example you will need between 3 & 4 gallons you will need me we can
I'd probably start off at 3 gallons
To put it simply what I do is figure 300 square feet per coat per gallon.  

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