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QUESTION: Hello!  We are about to paint our entire house- new construction.  I visited a very helpful Benjamin Moore store where the man suggested Ultra Spec 500 series.  I have read about all the other lines they offer.  This one is newer and is not mentioned often- good or bad. Do you know about it?  Can you tell me if you think it is good quality paint? The saleman seemed very knowledgeable (he suggested Advance for trim and cabinets.), but he was a salesman, so I'd like to find an unbiased opinion.  I'd appreciate the advice.

ANSWER: I like Ultra Spec 500. Its a good quality paint for walls & ceilings.
As  for the Advance paint for trim & cabinets, I (and a number of other painters I know) don't like it.
Other painters do like it. Everyone has their own opinion.

I'd suggest looking into the Regal Select Brand from Benjamin Moore.
In my opinion, Regal Select is excellent quality!
Especially the semi gloss (for trim & cabinets).
Very easy to work with, and durable finish.

Hope that helps.....

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QUESTION: Thanks!  I will look into Regal Select.  Would you advise it for walls above the Ultra Spec 500, also?  Can you tell me why you dislike the Advance?

In my opinion, Advance is harder to apply, it has more of a tendency to run (drip) unless you are painting on a flat horizontal surface, and it takes 24 hours between coats.
Regal Select on the other hand, in my opinion, has the same quality and durability.
2nd. coat can be applied 4 hours after the 1st coat.
It is easier to apply and does not have a tendency to run.

Ultra Spec is great for walls and ceilings.

Regal Select for walls and ceilings (flat on ceilings  eggshell or matt on walls)
Regal Select is a little more expensive, but it gives the walls a more richer look.

I'd suggest 2 coats on walls & ceilings..
Same for the trim & cabinets.

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