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thor wrote at 2007-10-22 16:53:41

Lady I know saw the “Lifetime Guaranteed” ads and had her house coated eleven years ago with Sears contractor applied ClimaGuard, (Tex-Cote). Lifetime warrantee on material, 15 year declining warrantee on labor .  Cracks, peeling appeared at eight years in the rough, popcorn like material.  Sears doesn't do exterior spray coating any longer, agreed to supply new Tex-Cote material in bulk, pay 1/4 for labor, which they say is 12% of total application cost in ‘96.  While there are areas where the loose coating can be scraped off with a puddy knife, there are many large and small areas that are bonded firmly to the underlieing stucco. Removal  of the old spray coating requires sand blasting.  After that,  do we apply more of the same stuff that failed, and at what application cost as it's a specialist job, or just do a regular flat stucco paint job.  

Why did the job fail:  I believe it’s a combination of a too thick coating that didn’t let the moisture escape on a  shaded side,  and of pin holes in the coating that may have allowed moisture in. Obviously too, the bonding coat which is suppose to lock to the stucco  didn’t penetrate sufficiently.

Bottom line: Like marrying a "trophy" wife, what may appear at first to be wonderful answer may later have unforeseen and very costly consequences.

Pro Patio wrote at 2009-03-18 18:01:28
Good question bad answer. Tex-Cote is nothing like "texture coating, which will peel of after about a year. It is nothing like paint that will blister, hold in moisture, and fade. Tex-cote is a patent formula that requires seven stages of application. Tex-cote has a grade A fire rating, and has been around since 1965. It is a bit pricey but well worth the investment.

trakvip wrote at 2009-10-08 05:21:16
I'm not here to dispute the above claims but Tex-cote has been available since 1961 and I have personally seen multiple tex-cote jobs that were 30 plus years old. They did show some signs of aging but not much. Both had a little bit of peeling towards the foundation but had been exposed to years of sprinklers also.The eaves and fascia were in great shape-considering the age of the tex-cote.I have also seen homes that have had to be repainted every 2 years-one gentleman was at his whits end for a solution and all the cleaning in the world wouldnt solve his peeling problem. Short of putting vinyl siding on your home Tex-cote is,in my opinion, the best solution.

mb in sd wrote at 2009-10-27 01:30:40
Tex-cote has actually available residentially since 1961 and I have personally seen 3 homes that were Tex-coted over 30 years ago. The houses looked very good considering that the TC had been on there for that long. I have also seen homes that had paint on them for less than a year that were peeling bad enough to expose the wood underneath. The key to a good paint or tex-cote job is all in the prep and you should expect to pay anywhere from 7-15,000 for a paint job by a licensed painting contractor.

artgenta wrote at 2011-11-07 17:54:28
like anything in life, a tex cote job is as good as the people that put the product your research and find a reasonable, certified applicator with a good track record that's been applying it for years, has had the same business name for a long time, and is not just a salesman passing the work  off to a sub.  check his references, ask him questions, it should cost 2-3 times a normal paint job, no more, and last at least ten times...

Michael Farar wrote at 2012-06-27 20:19:45
To Dennis, TEXCOTE has been around since the mid 1960's. They make many products, commercial, industrial and ofcourse residential. Their products are being applied world wide. The products, when applied properly, will beautify and protect your home for as many as 40 years. There newest product *COOL-WALL is being celebrated for its Green/Energy Saving abilities. This product can reduce outside to inside heat transference by as much as 40 degrees and save you up to 21.9% on your energy bill. Go to the Texcote website. Michael Farar

Consumer wrote at 2015-01-21 06:45:11
My house was done with Tex-Cote and after 10 years, it has many cracks all over the house. All the windows have long hairline thin cracks, around the house on the edge where it meets the walkway, it has larger cracks. There is yellow staining in many different areas of the house where the product is and the other colors that they used for the trim faded really quickly. I reapplied the color after about 4 years and they once again did not last very long.

Msterry wrote at 2015-03-19 01:48:39
My home had Tex-Cote applied almost 35 years ago. It kept its color--still looks the same, and never needed to be repainted in all that time! Two years ago, though, on two sides of my house, the Tex-Cote began to fail. It developed cracks and became easily peeled off. Now I'm not sure what to do. I have contacted the Tex-Cote company to ask for possible solutions. I asked them 1. if the Tex-Cote can be repaired (and how); 2. can the Tex-Cote be painted (because I'm very tired of the old color now); 3. can the first layer of Tex-Cote be Tex-Coted over and 4. How to remove the Tex-Cote entirely. Thoughts: 1. The Tex-Cote worked incredibly well--over 30 years with no loss of color, no cracks and no repainting. 2. Pick a color you really like because you'll be living with it for a long time. 3. If you come to not like the color anymore or the Tex-Cote fails, you can't just paint over it, so from that standpoint, it's more complicated than just painting--but it does protect your home. I've been quite happy with it for a very long time!

Anna wrote at 2016-03-30 20:08:59
We have had this on our house for little under 13 years. It is now peeling off, not happy as feel it shoukd have lasted longer. The company has now gone bust. Just wish there was somewhere we could go to try and get it fixed.  

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