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Necenssaurus maximus wrote at 2013-07-14 16:56:44
Carcharodontosaurus has the superior jaws and teeth, built to rip deep woulds and sever tendons, blood vessels and musculature.

However it has a huge deficiency in size, Spinosaurus being 15-16m and 11-12t or more, and Carcharodontosaurus being 13-14m and maybe 8-9t.

Spinosaurus, going by fossils of cristatusaurus and baryonyx, had large, powerful forelimbs with large claws. It's jaws, based on the parts we know of it and other spinosaur skulls, were made for gripping, not that much killing. But it's probable size advantage makes up for that.

It is generally agreed upon that a theropod the size of carcharodontosaurus could injure itself badly in a fall, due to the square-cube-law. So if the spinosaur can topple it over, the fight is over too.

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