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necenssaurus maximus wrote at 2013-07-14 16:59:01
I recommend to ask this to Wedel himself, he's a real expert.

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David Prus


I can answer any general questions about dinosaurs and on prehistoric mammals in the Cenozoic. I also know a bit about the media's various depictions of dinosaurs and their inaccuracies. I don't know much about "microfauna"-small animals, or about Paleozoic besides some knowledge about Permian animals. Plants are right out, I'm afraid. Please do not ask me to identify fossils.


I have been interested in dinosaurs for most of my life, own a large collection of scientific papers and books on the subject, and am a member of the Field Museum in Chicago.

I am in college, but studied biology and geology both in high school and as a personal effort.

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