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Could you recommend a device for recording voice memos? I generally come up with ideas or thoughts when I am driving and don't like to have to use my cell phone to type out a memo to read later. I want something that will record my voice, and will require password to access my memos. If it could keep dates and times when recorded that is a plus. I don't need an alarm or other features common to cell phones. And if it only holds 100 memos at one time that is perfectly fine. I don't expect to keep them much longer than a day or so to impliment anything I record. Thanks.

Dear James,
I have searched Google Play (Android market) and found out many voice memo applications see link,

If Google play store  voice memo suits your requirement then you can opt for any Android based Tablet and use the voice memo, you can visit the listed below tablet manufacturers web site and choose appropriate tablet yourself or tell me your budget requirements if you like me to suggest any,
(Note: I didn't included apple Tablets because I don't know that apple tablet application store has got any voice memo's or not .If apple has voice memo software then do consider  i Pad with Retina display)  

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