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Palm Pilots, Handspring Visors & PDAs/My toshiba journe touch multiedia tablet is not booting , running windows ce pro


Dear Salman,

         hope you are doing well, Salman i'm using hourne touch tablet running windows ce pro, one day it suddenly went off and when i tried to switch on it got struck in the booting page displaying "toshuba leading innovation"

Things that i did:
1. searched toshiba forums and tried their patch or update...
2. tried modding by breaking the toshiba desktop environment
3. even tried miopacket for jail breaking GPS devices
4. whatever things i put in the sd card and when i reset it and boot .... it still hangs in the same scree
5. in sort nothing is booting after the screen
6. tried hard reset also

what i need :
1. is there any way to make that tablet work
2. is it possible to install android or any os in that crap metal
3. is that crap is worth trying this much
4. is there any firmware to make that crap work , just give me and i need step-by-step instructions too
5. is it possible to download windows ce6.0 and to install it!!!!

Dear Abhiman,

Its good that you tried a lot of steps to solve the problem; Before trying to install or update Rom/Operating system its better to bring that Tablet to Toshiba support the reason for that is if we try to tweak operating system then warranty would be void.  

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