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Dear Elizabeth:
    The question I got it is very specific.  Where can I got a top of the line bed even if they are expensive.  I can't sacrifice my back.  I need a bed to be very plush and comfortable since my back hurts from muscle pain. Do you know if they have brands like Simmons Beautyrest, Serta or Stern & Foster? Also, Send me an e-mail where I can get them.  I am planning in moving to Chorrera, Panama in a near future.  By the way, when sending me back your reply please write me on subject box " Panama, About Mattress " if not I will delete message if I do not know what is about. It doesn't matter if the bed cost
$ 10,000 dollars I need something very comfortable.


In Panama City there are multiple furniture and bedding stores that sell top of the line mattresses. Some will also build custom units. I do not live in Panama City (I am in the highlands, about 8 hours away)so I don't know specifically where to recommend. Chorrea is very close to the city, so I'm sure you will be able to find what you are looking for. Some of the brands you mentioned are available--and I suppose it is always possible to order what you want from the US and have it shipped into Panama City since cost is not an obstacle for you. Best of luck--it is indeed important to have a good quality mattress for good quality sleep.

Elizabeth Worley


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