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Please, what recognition does Panama provide for reciprocity to U.S. Masters level state licensed counselors or Neurofeedback/Biofeedback therapists.

Hi Roger,
First off you would need a work permit.Panama has relaxed the rules on this recently BUT more importantly,there are restrictions on extranjeros (Foreigners) practicing in certain professions/ businesses. Medical and medical related areas are in a restricted category BUT there is legislation before the Panamanian Assembly at the moment to relax these restrictions.
Panama is growing at a rapid pace and needs more professionals...there is local opposition as you can imagine. Most seem to think the new legislation will pass soon, giving foreign Drs etc a visa to practice in Panama for 3 years. I doubt anyone has even heard of Biofeedback here so you would apply as a psychologist/psychotherapist.
My advice would be to contact the nearest Panamanian embassy ( they are in NY , Miami and probably Houston) and see if they can give you some guidelines.

However,if you have never spent much time here in Panama, my primary advice to everyone is to come here and spend 6 months before deciding. It's a great place but not for everyone.
Dianne Heidke


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