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Hello Lorena,

My  wife and I are checking Colon to retire to. Can you let me know how I can find apartments for rent and the approximate rents for 2 bedrooms. We are Canadians. Is it difficult to live there due to immigration laws. Can you recommend any other cities in Panama that are great to live in.


Dear Carroll
If you are looking into retiring in Panama, Colon should probably be very far down on your list.
Colon is a beautiful province, with amazingly rich architecture but - run down downtown. Gorgeous beaches, stunning green scenery but an extremely high crime rate.
I worked in Colon for several years and have friends who live there- none of them in downtown Colon but mostly outside the city. Places like Margarita or Espinar.
If you are looking into Panama for retirement maybe Chiriqui province would be a first choice.
It all depends on what you are looking for, wether it's city life, countryside or beaches. There is a wide variety in Panama.
However Panama is not as cheap a place to live as it was a few years ago where you could buy a small apartment (90 square meters) in the city for less than 100k. Due to many reasons, that include migration, prices have skyrocketed.
Same for cost of living, Panama use to have little or no inflation and nowadays prices increase everyday.
Sorry for delay in reply, Panama was on holiday due to national carnivals and we're just back.
Good luck.


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