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When I get to Panama want to sell my 2005 black Kia Sorento SUV, 6 cylinder, etc., when I get to Panama.  How much should I ask for it and which city is the best to sell it in.?
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If you are planning to sell the car when you get to Panama, may I ask why you are bringing it in the first place? Are you planning to drive into Panama from Costa Rica? You will be hit with import duties if you do--and the car may be impounded for a certain time while it all gets sorted out. It can be complicated if you don't have ALL your paperwork properly stamped and sealed beforehand. If you are shipping the car into Panama, don't. It's a hassle and will cost. Just sell it in the US and buy something here.

If you are heart set on having it here for some reason, you could sell it either in Panama City or up here in the David/Boquete area. Your best bet would be to get one of the local guys here in Boquete to broker it for you--handle the paperwork, title transfers, etc. The go-to guys we trust up here are either Keith Woolford or Cowboy Dave. If you go to the forum you can post your question there and get their contact information. If you just drive into a dealership to sell it, and you are not Panamanian and you don't speak decent Spanish, you will get screwed.

Best of luck to you,
Elizabeth Worley


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