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Hello and Thank You,

I am a registered nurse that specializes in PICC line placement, I would like to practice and possibly teach in Panama.  I live aboard my sail boat and plan on being there in November,  Thoughts ?



Hello--Medical practitioners are strictly regulated in Panama. There are very powerful unions that govern who can and cannot practice. Bottom line, there is no simple answer to your question. You would need to actually be here in Panama, apply for permanent residency status, get a work permit, make connections and then you MIGHT be able to find a clinic or hospital or medical school that would allow you to practice Speaking fluent is imperative. A couple of years ago, a new visa category opened to attract foreign medical personnel to serve in the interior of the country. The doctors and nurses in Panama went on strike for over a month and the law/regulations were modified. As I said, you would need to be here, get a competent lawyer who specializes in immigration and work related issues. It is not straightforward.

Good luck.

Elizabeth Worley  


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