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Hi Diane,
My husband is currently in Boquete and we are considering moving down there. He's referred me to your book which he says is terrific! Unfortunately all I've found is a Kindle version which will not work in my family. Is it in print as well? I don't know where my husband came across it, but currently he's out of internet connection so I can not ask him...  

I look forward to hearing back from you! Regards, Sandra Thomson

Hola Sandra,
You don't need a kindle for the can read it as a simple PDF on any laptop,device etc.If you want the general ebook (pdf) go to my website
and follow the instructions there. (Payment is by Paypal or credit cards)

If you don't want the Ebook,just go to Paypal and pay $19.95 for the book plus $6.00 (US) and we can send you an old fashioned real book (a paperback).
You can use this email address for the payee section.
Let me know when it's done and I will get the book off to you.Also send you address etc dor delivery.

best regards and I hope this helps,

Dianne H -author


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I can answer questions about living in Boquete, Panama. Interested in moving to the area or spending more time than just as a tourist? You don't need to become an expert yourself but you will need more specific answers than a general guidebook can provide. I can field many queries re geography,weather,getting about,visas,local government,health options,construction,real estate and processes,Jubilado discounts,and much more.


I have been living in Boquete for the past 6 years, have started and run various businesses there. I established and continue to run the Tuesday Morning Meeting which is a weekly information sharing resource and farmer's market in Boquete.

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