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Panic Disorders/Attacks/Why do I wake up Panicking at night?


Emma wrote at 2012-12-30 10:30:25
Hello I too wake up shouting In the middle of the night, I sit bolt upright and shout omg numerous times,

I don't remember a nightmare or have no other explanation,

Last night I woke and had tears down my face not normal for me,

Usually I just need a little bit of reassurance then drift back to sleep quickly,

If I'm not reminded of them I forget its happened, it only happens every now and again,

I would love to put a name to it

E x

Panic Disorders/Attacks

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Can answer general questions about symptoms, how to cope with them, getting help, relationships with others, employment concerns, family support, personal experience with drug related treatments vs behavior techniques. How panic attacks increased my awareness of the world around me. I can`t answer what medications would be best for you, whether you should or should not disclose your illness to others, substitutions for seeing a physician or other medical advice that should come only from a professional.


I have had panic disorder/attacks for 20 years, the first 8 were spent in an agonizing search for a diagnosis and eventually cost me a career of 20 years. I can relate well to any employment or socialization problems caused by PD. Over the years I have developed many ways to cope with PD on a daily basis but also know that nothing will substitue for professional help. I have done a lot of research on the disease including past and future medications, genetic tendancies (I now believe my mother suffered from PD) and personal self-esteem issues. On the "flip" side-learning to cope with panic disorder/ attacks actually increased my awareness and sensitivity to others and the world around me.

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