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I am 19 years old and since I was a child I have been
suffering from anxiety. However, it has only been since last
year that I took action about my anxiety. I have been taking
antidepressants. First I was on Paxil, which worked well for
me for about 6 months. Then my anxiety and panic attacks
came back. It was a severe blow for me.

I went back to the psychiatrist and I was given Prozac.
However, Prozac did not give the desirable effects and kept
feeling anxious. I went back to the psychiatrist and
together with Prozac was given Risperidone. This worked fine
but the good feelings only lasted some weeks. I had to go
back to the pyschiatrist and was given Prozac, Risperidone
and Mianserin. Again, for some weeks they worked perfectly
but then my anxiety came back.

I started going mad. Each medication would stop working
after a couple of weeks. Now im taking 40mg Prozac, 50
Sertraline, 1mg risperidone and 20mg mianserin. However it
seems that sertraline has not started working yet.
Please I need help. I even started taking omega 3 fatty
What can I do to get rid of my anxiety?

Thanks a lot for the time taken!

I suffered from severe anxiety when I was in my teens and I truly believe it had a lot to do with the way our bodies and hormones change at this time and also the fact that we are moving from childhood to adult hood with all the new and anxious things this can bring ie relationships, jobs etc.

I never took any medication for my anxiety as I believed that it was only a crutch and that i needed to sort things out for myself.

My anxiety diminished over time but was helped quite a lot by my new partner at the time who gave me the confidence to believe in myself.

I am now a trained stress advisor and anxiety is a severe form of stress or should a say a symptom of stress.

there is not one answer that I can give you as beating thses things is a combination of things and also depends a lot on you, your lifestyle and your environment. So it is a case of experimenting with a few things, giving them all time to work and to know that these feelings you are having are naturally reactions and will not hurt you although they are distressing at the time. the secret is to teach your body to react differently to stressors. the stronger you are physically the better you will be able to cope. So I know this will sound lame but it really does help if you are getting enough sleep. An alert mind is much stringer and able to cope with things better. eating well and learning to relax are also very important.

All I can suggest to you is to take a look through my web site and find and try some of the techniques there. read my pages about stress and anxiety and learn more about what it is all about this will also help you. Knowledge is all powerful.

Take your time and dont make things worse by stressing over these techniques, they are designed to help not make things worse. Find the techniques that you enjoy and get benefit from, it will take a little time but stick with it. i know I came through the other side.

best wishes Kate

here is my site

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