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I am 23 years old and am in good health right now other than a cough and cold. The past couple of months have been unbearable. My symptoms started out as a not all the time thing, but now I feel these symptoms every day and am worried about my health and am desperate to find answers. So if you read the following symptoms below and what medical steps I have taken and you have any ideas, information, or suggestions that would be amazing. Thank you so much.

1. A warm sensation goes from my shoulders down to my feet.
2. My hand and feet go very sweaty.
3. My heart rate sometimes goes way up and other times just pounds and I can feel it in my chest.
4. My hands begin to shake and tremble.
5. My left arm goes numb and sometimes aches.
6. The left side of my neck starts to ache and tightens up.
7. The left side of my chest has throbbing pains.
8. I feel as though I can not get a full breath.
9. My vision goes blurry.
10. I feel very dizzy and need to sit down or lie down.
11. I feel as though I am over heating.
12. These symptoms have lasted anywhere from 5 mins to 5 hours

I have been to the emergency room a couple of times. I have visited with my doctor. I have gotten a cardio echo which came back normal. Just in case it is anxiety or panic attacks I have began to talk to a therapist.

I am very worried about my health and I feel as though something else is wrong. I am constantly worried and feel weak and ill and then these symptoms come and go. I have started to stay in bed all day and have become obsessed with checking my pulse. It seems like nothing will stop this from happening. I feel so trapped and like nobody will tell me what is going on for sure. Please if you think it is anxiety or have any suggestions let me know.

Thank you.


After reading your question my main concern was that you are having feeling that there is something wrong which the doctors are not telling you about. It suggests to me that this is the cause of your anxiety.

the symptoms certainly sound like anxiety. The trouble with anxiety is that it can feed itself. the more you worry and stress about it the more the symptoms will appear and the more you will worry. It can easily turn into a vicious circle.

The fact that you have had tests which have come back ok suggests that your symptoms are being generated by your thinking.

You did not mention what sort of therapist you were seeing. I really hope that you are discussing all these feeling you are having with them as I am concerned that you may be becoming a little paranoid.

My advice would be to keep seeing the therapist but also start to practice some relaxation techniques every day. breathing exercises can really help and the more you do them the better and more effective they become.

I have a website about stress relief so there are plenty of ideas there for you to try. Read through the first sections about what is stress and anxiety. I can guarantee that the more you know the less you will be effected.

Here is my page which walks you through the breathing exercises.


Don't worry, when i was around 18 i used to suffer panic attacks which at the time made my life hell, but i came through it and now there is so much more help out there so grab it and be assured you can get through this, just believe that first of all.

best wishes kate

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