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So lately within the past 3 days I've been getting a "high" feeling, pretty similar to when I have taken Marajuana. The thing is I don't smoke it. I used to a long while back, but I quit about 6 months ago. Most of the time it's accompanied with weakness, and tiredness. I have blood pressure in the 140/80 area occasionally and recently stopped dieting to lower it. Mildy splurging. Not letting my sodium get above 2000. I also seem to have a bad tattoo. It's a raised tattoo that hurts sometimes which is weird because I got it like 3 years ago. One night it had a big bump on it. I'm just telling you the above things to see if maybe they were related somehow. But Most of all I do get anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. I though most of all that that might just be the problem. This feeling I get scares me at first. But after a while I start to feel happy, and relaxed, pretty much how I felt when I was high. BTW the medications I've been taking are ranitidine, ortho-evra (BC patch), an anti-anxiety pill that I take only when I needed, but had a warning that if i just pulled myself off of it it may give me seizures. I don't take it regularly though. THanks you so much. SOrry if i ranted, just have that high feeling still. THANKS :D

It is really difficult to say whether or not all your symptoms are related or are separate issues or not.

you have not said if you have seen a doctor about any of these things. i think it is really important that you do as only during a consultation can a true assessment be made..
please see your doctor soon, the tattoo may be infected and could be causing you blood problems. You may still be feeling the effects of your smoking as sometimes the system can take a long time to get back to normal again your doctor may want to prescribe you some form of medication to see your through a short period of time to help you recover in the long run.

I really cannot give you more advice than that because as i say only a one to one consultation will be able to produce a real diagnosis for you.

By the way when you do see your doctor don't leave any of the information out he will need to know the full picture to help you properly.

i hope you are feeling better soon

best wishes Kate

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