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Panic Disorders/Attacks/nervous attack that cause unconsoiusness


When my wife become nervous for even every normal accident,after reacting in her own way,like talking loudly and...,sometimes she falls and become unconsious for at least 20 minutes. after massaging and cooling her with humid towel,she gradually can open her eyes and at the beginning can talk like drunk people and it takes almost 15-20 minutes that she can sit. is this type of reactions is normal for some type of peoples or it is something different?because for example in everyday's working someone becomes anxious and nervous and that shouldn't cause unconsiousness.


No this is not normal I'm afraid and is something which i think a specialist needs to look into.

I couldn't even begin to say what causes this but as i say it is rather an extreme reaction. I haven't heard of this happening in humans but I'm sure it is quite possible, i have strangely heard of it in a breed of sheep i believe.

Your wife really does need to speak to her doctor, it could be dangerous for her if this happens when she is out and about on her own and in a busy street.

I wish you all the best both of you and I'm sure there is something that can be done to reduce your wifes symptoms. She should also practice breathing techniques to try and help her body relax when she is feeling anxious. please see this page for instruction on how to do this, she will need to practice the method so that it becomes second nature to her so that she gets the most benefit from it when she needs it most.


best wishes Kate

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