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How can I help my wife when she is having a panic attack

What an excellent question. It is rare that I am asked this and yet it can be something experienced by many partners and friends.

However it is is not an easy one to answer. When I suffered panic attacks I remember feeling as though I was totally on my own even if i was surrounded by lots of people, its like you are falling inside your own had, if that makes any sense.

Anyway after years of experience I now know more about what panic attacks actually are and how they affect your body. this knowledge alone will help your wife reduce the affects of each attack. this is because the knowledge that 1. the attack is a normal physical response all be it inappropriate and 2 that it cannot actually harm you ie you are not going to die and 3 that they can only be short lived it is impossible for the body to keep the response up. m there is more information on this page

Your wife needs to learn the breathing exercises so that she can help her body relax while they are happening this will shorten the attack. She needs tp practice these.

As for how you can help well in will give you my take on what helped me and what didn't.

First you need not to panic yourself or become too fussy around her this will only agitate her more.

You need to remain calm and sure. You can do one of two things either sit and go through the breathing exercises with her, sometimes having someone else taking you through them can help. or for me and perhaps this was unique to me, my partner would take me out somewhere or just change the environment I was in. this often broke the attack for me, i think it took my mind off of me and onto something else. So if I was walking along a busy street and I began to panic, he grabbed my arm and we jumped on the nearest bus. or if I was in the house, he would grab my coat and we would either jump in the car for a drive around, or go for a walk.

Often it is just removing the focus from the individual and the attack to something else is the thing that helps the most. this is because a panic attack if focused on will just prolong the attack.

My advice to you is, your wife has to understand more about what and why these attacks happen and how she needs to take control of her health, her response to these feelings and also the bigger picture ie why is she experiencing these attacks. Are there things in her life she needs to change to reduce anxiety etc. my website is all about this and I hope she an find her own solution through it.

best wishes Kate

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