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so my boyfriend has anxiety problems he wakes up ijn the middle of the night with panik attacks when he was 16 he had a heart operation evr since then he has those attacks i have tried evrything but when i try to help him he gets mad please help me what can i do to help him and let him move on and forget the operation and that he is okay

The fact that he actually wakes up with a panic attack does rather suggest a very deep anxiety which is causing him to basically have nightmares which then wake him up and then triggers the panic.

To be honest with you he does need to seek some professional help for this. he has deep rooted issues which only a professional will be able to tackle with him one on one. But he has to want to do this you cant force him into anything as this will only make things worse. but i would say that you need to sit down with him and have a real heart to heart about how you feel about the situation. just letting him know how you feel may help him realize that his behavior is affecting others and may help him decide to seek help.

All you can do at the time of an attack is to be a rock for him, dont try to advise but try to distract him at the time. Practice breathing techniques together they really do work as they help focus the mind away from the panic and also slows the heart rate down which in turn stops the panic. A panic attack is a physical response and so a relaxed body cannot also be in panic mode at the same time.

I have a web site which goes through breathing techniques and other distractions etc. it is designs for people who suffer from stress and panic to take control themselves and try to lead a more relaxed life in general this wil help make the body stronger and more able to cope with lifes pressures etc.

my site is at

i used to suffer from panic attacks and so i know how distressing it can be.

best wishes kate

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