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Panic Disorders/Attacks/Panic Attacks Over The Past Month..Very Stressed And Depressed.


I've been going through a very streesful time with my family,and its causing me to be depressed and stressed.
I try to block things out which i know is not healthy.
For the last 2-3 weeks i've had sudden panic overcome me.
I'm not sure what could be going on with me.
My main problem is "time confusion"
i've searched all over the web and cant seem to get a clear answer.
i was in class and asked to be excused to use the restroom i went to the restroom and returned to the class within 7 minutes as i sat back in my seat i had sudden panic overcome me,and it felt as though an hour had passed.
i double checked the clock and it had only beena few minutes.

i was staying the night at my sisters and was listening to my niece tell me about her day at school'five minutes later i went into the kitchen,as i was doing dishes it felt as though it had been thirty minutes since i talked to my niece,reality it had only been about ten minutes.

iwas at the beauty salon getting my nails done,as the woman was filing my nails the feeling overcame me once again and it feltlike ihad been there for was only about 15 minutes.

--it isnt that im being impatient,its that i literally get this confusion..

any idea what it could be?


I'm not sure that what you are describing would come under the heading of panic attacks. The symptoms of a panic attack is more as you would imagine  a heart attacks feeling. ie sweating hands, quick and shallow breaths, as feeling of dizziness and that you may pass out.


I must admit that the symptoms you describe are not familiar to myself.

the trouble is that with conditions such as this a simple question and answer over the Internet is really not possible. When i am in a session with a client it is usually for an hour and it would take several sessions up to 7 to really get to the bottom of things. However i would always recommend that a visit to a doctor would eb the first thing to do if symptoms such as you describe are present. It is better to make sure that there is no physical illness involved before trying to treat for stress.

Don't worry, as this will only make you stress more and possible make your symptoms worse. it is better to get to the root of the problem and face it head on. See your doctor first, he will be able to make sure your blood pressure etc is ok and be able to advise you better about these symptoms. Just because i have not come across them before does not mean that they may be very common and something that a doctor will be much easier to diagnose.

best wishes
Kate Tilmouth

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