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I have been to a cardiologist twice within the past three months because I have been having strange feelings in my chest. Kind of fluttering. I have had EKGs, holter monitor twice, and an ECHO. Everything is normal. I just recently learned by reading online that my symptoms lean toward anxiety. I have been feeling these flutters quite a bit. I also went to the ER a couple of years ago because I felt like I couldnt breath. It felt like I was breathing, but the air wasn't going into my lungs. I was told then that everything was fine. I was breatihing just fine. I go back for a follow up with the cardiologist this friday and am going to ask him if it could be anxiety making me feel like something is wrong with my heart. I am 29 years old and I just had a baby 8 weeks ago. The first time I went to the cardiologist was while I was pregnant. Does this sound like anxiety?

yes this does sound like anxiety or what is sometimes called panic attacks.

When an attack happens it can feel like a heart attack, it may become difficult to breath and you will feel light headed and may get pains of sensations in your chest.

i used to be a sufferer for years, so yes the symptoms do sound like yours.

unfortunately there is no one answer to how to over come anxiety and panic attacks. I am now a stress advisor and have built a website to help people with information about these issues. Please see my pages about anxiety and panic attacks for more information here


Don't worry you can recover from these, I did.

best wishes Kate

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I was a suffer of Panic Attacks myself for many years and have a good understanding of how debilitating they can be. I am a qualified Stress Advisor (RCN accredited and CPD certificated). I have had many years in the public sector and am very client focused. My main aim is to provide concise, clear help and information to those seeking help managing their stress levels and any other related concerns. I also run my own stress relief web site

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