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Hello, I have a question about anxiety...  for the last couple of years it seems like when I push myself physically,whether it be from running for overdoing something... I have a hard time catching my breath... I feel tightness in my chest, I'm not sure if its from being out of shape or if theres a medical condition... lately when this happens I immediately start to panic...  I start hyperventilating and my heart starts thumping... I rush to drink water and try and calm down...well over the last 3 days my anxiety comes as soon as I walk to fast or even walk up stairs... I think its anxiety but the fear is something wrong with my lungs... I just turned 40, most of my life I was in good shape, I played allot of sports, I could run very fast and not get affected.. but two or 3 years ago I stopped playing because when Id run quick Id start hyperventilating and I've gotten paranoid..  but now its always on my mind,even when I do something small like to on the treadmill at the gym for more then I minute I start breathing too fast and have an attack... is this a normal anxiety symptom?  thank you..    Scott

yes it sounds like anxiety triggered by the not being able to catch your breath after exercise.

What you need to do is go to see your doctor and have a medical regarding being unable to catch your breath. that way you will know for sure whether their is medical problem regarding the breathing issue.

You will not be able to tackle the anxiety side of things until this question is answered i'm afraid. All the anxiety is doing is making your problem worse. if there is a medical problem then you will be able to tackle that, if the doctor gives you an all clear it is very possible that you won't have the anxiety any more any way because you will know why you are out of breath.
If the anxiety remains even after the all clear then you can start to tackle anxiety itself.

Take positive action, see your doctor and get some answers. Often anxiety is caused by lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown.

Hope you feel better soon


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