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I am fifteen years old, and a girl.

I have been getting panic attacks recently (I looked up the symptoms, they were all there, and my mum says that's what they are too) and every time I get them, for the rest of the day I find myself having to breathe deeper than usual, and experiencing dizziness. Every panic attack I have had, has occured during, or immediately after my shower. I have not experience a panic attack at any other time.

The first time I had one, or, well, acknowledged it as being one. I had been feeling that sick to the stomach like I'm going to throw up feeling that I used to get often as a child. Always whilst I was showering then too. But back then, all I had to do was cut my shower short, and I would be fine. Now it lasts until after my shower, and after I am dressed. The first time I acknowledged it as a panic attack, I had been dressed and my hair halfway dry before I started to breathe normal, and during that time I had been trying to breathe deep, and my mum had told me to put my head between my knees. She said I had been hyperventilating.

Everytime i get one now, nobody is home, so I have no way of knowing if I'm hyperventilating, so I don't know to breathe slower or deeper.

I had one this morning, and it was bad. It didn't last too long thankfully, perhaps a minute compared to the ten of my first one. But I was bent over trying to breathe, I couldn't move even to turn the water off, and I almost crashed into the wall trying to get out of the shower, so I could get out of the steam. I always blame the steam for being the reason of my lack of breath.

But I still have not recovered from this morning. It has been three and a half hours now since my attack this morning and I am still feeling slightly naseous, short of breath, and my eyes blur every five minutes.

I have been disgnosed by a doctor with depression and anxiety. But this was before my attacks started to become pronounced. I never properly noticed them before, and would just put it down to feeling unwell. I know better now.

I don't know what to do about my attacks, I know it would be bad to ignore them. But we are short of money at the moment and can not afford a costly trip to the doctors. What could I do?

ANSWER: Hi Darcy,

As I read your email, I kept getting the feeling that you were sexually abused in the shower as a child, and that these memories are coming back to you now and trying to get you to heal this issue.  You may not have any conscious memory of being abused, but that is not to say it never happened. Now that Iím bringing this possibility to your awareness, you may find yourself getting flashbacks as well as other physical symptoms while having your shower.  

This is not a bad thing as all this anxiety and panic wouldnít be coming up right now if it wasnít the right time to deal with it and the fact that you can heal this. While it can be healed, it is not simple. If you are interested in learning how to heal your issues and empower yourself, then you may want to consider downloading my free eBooks from my website at . Iíll be publishing version 2 of Book 1 and will be publishing book 2 and 3 in few days, so you may want to drop back and pick up the new ones.

You may want to begin by reading book 2, Three levels of healing and read the first level of healing, that I had, that also had to do with anxiety and panic attacks. After that, you may want to be aware of any feelings and emotions that come up during your shower, and to express them in any way that you feel they need to be expressed.  Also, to help you get in touch with the REAL issues behind this shower anxiety that you canít remember, I suggest that you begin to learn to meditate and do the visualizations and journeys that I share in Book 1.  If you can, It would be best to work with someone that will NOT talk you out of what you are feeling.. but will help you go deeper in order to find the cause and heal it..


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks for getting back so quickly.

You're right, I don't remember being abused. But I do remember rarely having a whole lot of privacy in the bathroom when I was younger. (my step mum refused to let my dad put a lock on the door, and would walk in willynilly regardless who was in there or what they were doing).
That could be it? Dunno. But my step mum was quite . . . physical. Not in the sense of affection, but. You could almost say she was abusive, and she most definetaly treated myself and my older brother different to her own kids. I don't mean, like any stepmum would, there was an obvious difference i think. Eh. If something did happen, I know my Dad would never have had a thing to do with it, so if it did, he wouldn't have known. Otherwise I'm sure I would know.

And I will definetaly be taking a look your books.

Hi Darcy,

Yes, that could definitely do it, especially if it was repeated over and over..

Let me know how things go, or if you have any other questions..

Good for you in recognizing potential experiences related to your problem.. :)


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