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I have an anxiety disorder, and take paxil for it. I also susspect I may have depression as it runs in my famly. But the one ting I can't figure out: Seeing talking shadows....
 Eversince I was very young, I've seen them. I don't remember ever seeing them when I lived with both parents, but when they divorced and Kelly took us to live with her, I saw them several times a day. Being young, I din't think much of it. I thought everyone could see them. I asked my Nanna all the time wha these things were. She always made up a random name, as if it were a game she thought I was playing, "Oh, those are flaster boogers." "They're bizzingagaggles."  But I knew, even that young, that she wasn't telling me the truth. She didn't know what they were. Perhaps she thought they were my imaginary friends....But After going to live with my dad and his girlfriend (now my mom), I stil saw them, just less and less. And they run away from me. Basically they are human shaped shadows, that run at inhuman speeds, in the "Walk" Sort of position you see on crosswalk signs, the blue man? Yeah, like that, but really fast, wizzing by, and out of the room. I hear voices a lot, calling my name. I don't know if from shadows or my head, as they show no signs of the favt they are conveying any sort of words or expressions. I usually can't understand these voices as they often sound like radio waves mixed with voice, not masuline or feminine, whispers.....
 I have heard of mediums, but if I were one, why would they run away? Usually spirits are said to bother the mediums relentlessly. We have thought bipolarism, as I have a lot of mood swings and it runs in the family. There's also schizophrenia....I'm not sure. Am I insane, or is what I'm seeing real, and if it's not how do I treat it and if it is what do I do about them?

Please help me....I'm scared....

Hi Coaley,

When you suffer from anxiety, it means that your body is overproducing stress hormones quite unrelated to whatever is going on in your environment. This is usually due to hypoglycemia - a physical illness  (
Stress hormones function to feed the brain with glucose, when it experiences a glucose deficiency or glucose starvation. Thus if you want to treat anxiety, it is best to go on a hypoglycemic diet (

Now excess stress hormones are also responsible for delusions and hallucinations as your mind tries to explain to yourself what prompts these unexplainable anxieties and images that appear in your mind.

Please read:

Beating Anxiety and Phobia  

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