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I have OCD and it tends to be hypochondria related. I worry about aneurysms, heart attacks, cardiac arrest, stroke, embolisms, organ failure, cancer, etc.... I have over 20,000 USD in medical bills due to unneeded medical tests and ER visits. With that aside, I tend to get panic attacks when I feel physical feelings (headaches, shortness of breath, muscle pain, nausea, etc), and these feelings start off small and my panic kicks it in hard core. I begin panic and I feel like running to an ER, because I feel I am dying. I always get normal test results from doctors, and I am 27 years old. What are some good techniques to employ to regain some strength when I am beginning to panic? I have upcoming therapy appointments as well.

Start by reading this page  /anxiety-disorders.html so you have an understanding of what is happening to your body when the panic starts. I found that by understanding whats happening it helps to cope with it better.

Then try the breathing exercises at the bottom of this page


Yu physically can't panic when you are breathing correctly like this. Practice the breathing even when you are not panicking it will help you to perfect the process and get better and better results.

Good Luck and don't worry there is a way out. I came through panic attacks and I thought i never would too.


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I was a suffer of Panic Attacks myself for many years and have a good understanding of how debilitating they can be. I am a qualified Stress Advisor (RCN accredited and CPD certificated). I have had many years in the public sector and am very client focused. My main aim is to provide concise, clear help and information to those seeking help managing their stress levels and any other related concerns. I also run my own stress relief web site

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