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I have been diagnosed with dependent personality disorder. They tell me it will take years to achieve total independence. I've been doing all the right a result, I have a lot of fear and anxiety. I feel it the most when I have to go out in public alone (or to a dr appt the goal is to try to get used to doing thing son my own) I also feel strong fear when I am at home by myself.  I am taking Klonopin but it doesn't seem to help.. I was also on ativan and that didn't help.  any advice you c an give me is appreciated

I have never heard of dependent personality disorder but I would figure it would be about the same as "separation anxiety". First of all remember.... I am not a doctor so I can only give you my opinion. I do not have very much to go on as I do not have but just a tiny bit of information. I do not even know your age. Here is what I can say!
Along the way as we are growing up, we depend on our parents to care for us. We are totally dependent on them or, whoever is raising us. Then we become "of age" and all of the sudden...we are expected to act "grown up"..."Mature"...etc.
If life goes "As it should" so to speak... We seem to adapt and get along, go out into the world... get some education, work a job, have a family, relationship...and so on.

If you find that you just do not seem to fit in that scenario then, it may be because something along the way, in your life...threw out some STOPS! Indicators that told you, You can not do this alone! For me, it was the death of my best friend when I was 12. My parents just did not communicate with me on it and I had to go it alone. I started having panic attacks and that was back when they knew NOTHING about them.
That started a chain of reactions in my life and, I did not want to be alone as I had developed "separation anxiety". The awful part about that was not until Many years later that I put all of the pieces together and figured out what happened to me. It is not "natural" to not feel comfort in our own skin. If you do not feel that comfort then, there is a reason. Do you trust yourself? Do you feel anxious all of the time because you feel you must attach yourself to someone?
If you want to share a little more information, I might can help you a little more. Please include a little about you and your life and I might can lead you in another direction.
I am here if you need me!

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I am not a doctor. I have however been on this site since 2008 and have answered many questions and helped a lot of people. You are welcome to check my stats. I love to know how you are getting along in months to come after talking with you. I do Care. I answer many questions about panic attacks from living experiences. I believe that I can save some other person from symptoms that I have been through myself. Having someone to talk to about this terrorizing experience always helps. Someone that has been through it and understands! You may ask me anything related to this subject, no matter how awkward you feel. There is nothing funny about anxiety or panic attacks and you will understand a little more about those feelings and, I will give you ways to get it under control.


I have suffered with panic attacks for the over 45 years. I have overcome many obstacles in regards to panic disorder and can answer many questions of how I overcame them. There is nothing you can ask me that I will not understand.

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