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Hi Sean,

I've been suffering from GAD/health anxiety since the birth of my kids 15 years ago and it's ruling my life - I can't enjoy anything because I'm so anxious all the time about how I will feel - I get bad physical symptoms - dizziness, fatigue, nausea, all the usual stuff, and I hate going anywhere because I'm convinced that I'll feel ill and have to come home or won't enjoy myself.    I just want to feel normal again, enjoy my life and be part of things instead of being angry and frustrated all the time - my relationships are suffering because people just think I'm antisocial or don't want to see them but nothing could be further from the truth.  I just can't bring myself to tell people about my issues though in case they think I'm stupid so I just make an excuse what I can't do things.    Do you have any advice, how can I get out of this cycle and how can I stop catastrophising everything?


Hi Jill.

Sorry If I took a while to answer you,I did not get your message until now.
You are displaying the symptoms of anxiety and fear. The fear of fear itself can keep you locked into this anxiety, you need to change the way you think about yourself and change your thought process. Can I suggest you might benefit from my book, 'Stop your anxiety/panic attacks simply and naturally'. You can purchase it from
It is a book with simple rules, easy to follow and has proved to many people that by changing the way you think can change the way you feel.
Let me know how you get on.

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Hints and guidance on how to get through and eventually stop panic attacks and anxiety.


I am not a Doctor nor in any way involved in the medical profession, but I have suffered Panic Attacks and learned a simple formula on how to get rid of them for good. I originally suffered when I was younger and when I had a relapse and had to go beck and relearn the techniques, I realised that I had developed my own formula.

My book is available on amazon sites as a paperback and as a kindle book, an audiobook and a MP3 download. It is aklso available on my own website as an Paperback an MP3 download and an e-book.

Writer. I have written a book with a set programme on Anxiety and Panic Attacks. 'Stop Your Anxiety /Panic Attacks Simply and Naturally. Is has been acclaimed by people who read it and it has worked for them, because I can identify what they are going through and as an ex sufferer, I can help them through it.

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