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So for the past month and a week or  so i have been  over thinking about  how  much time i have left (i just turned 15) and over worrying that im gonna waste my life away. And  when i think abput duping istart to freak out and feel depressed, ive cryed alot. Its geting in the way of me livong and i want to  stop it in its tracks, i dont want to waste my time worrying about it. Even right know thinking about how one day im not gonna be here. I would ask my mom to take me to the doctors but i dont want the whole family to know or for my mom to think Im crazy. How can i stop worrying? I want to forget about this . It also started when i got hover a horrible  fever of witch i had  nightmares from. Could it be becuz i dont get out much and i dont see the sun much becuz of the winter? Will it pass? I speand alot of time ony phone by the way.

Thank you so much for reaching out to someone and I am glad it was me! :)
It is VERY normal to go through the fact that we all will die some day. It is frightful but, you have to look into the reality of it all. Let me help you with that!

I want you to look at it this way! Instead of looking at it as you are afraid to die, look at it as if you are still very young and if you take care of yourself then chances are you are going to live to be 100 years old. By the time you live that long, you will understand it all. Being that you are 15 years old, you do not want to waste your precious life worrying about the end but rather enjoy being young and having a great life!

There are two things that you need to learn in life! One is Do Not Worry About The Things That You Can Not Change! You can drive yourself nuts worrying about things that we have absolutely no control over. Like the weather or anything else we can not control....

Second of all! Talk this over with your Mom! If you can not talk to your Mom for some reason, talk to a counselor at school! Never carry these feelings around with you trying to keep them hidden from everybody... BECAUSE this is perfectly normal to have these thoughts and feelings. Get closer to your Mom! A Mom Always wants to know if her daughter is having problems that she needs help with. Your mother will not think it is silly! Just tell her that has been on your mind a lot lately and you need someone to talk to about it...

As far as the fever you had with the nightmares. Remember that nightmares come and go! You have to get your mind off of the nightmare you have when you have them. Everyone has had nightmares.Everyone!!! Remember that when you are watching T.V. shows, video games or whatever that the things we put in our heads can be dreamed about later on.... Sooo, be selective in the "Junk" that goes into your head.

You are a smart person to reach out for someones advice! That tells me that you have good common sense. That will take you a long way in life!

Eat good, take care of your body, get the right amount of rest, do not let others talk you into stupid things that you will regret and be your own person. You are eventually going to be an adult and you need to prepare yourself for that. Listen to your parents and people that are older than you because they have lived life. They have ALL had the feeling that you are having right now! There are Never stupid questions! How else will we learn if we are afraid to ask? Confide in ONLY those that will not talk behind your back about your personal questions. That is why I suggest a parent or a counselor at school...

I hope that I have helped you today to ease your fears and start planning you life. One day, you will probably be a mom of your little girl and who do you want her going to when she needs questions answered? :)

I am here if you need me! Please rate my answer and let me know how you are doing.

Have a great day!

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