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QUESTION: I am male 46 years old with severe health anxiety since 12 years. Since childhood I have been a worrier, very sensitive & fearful. I struggle with unemployment after marriage & HIV fear for 2 years. Since last 12 years I have obsessing about heart related fear, heart attack, heart disease, arrhythmia, angina etc. Time to time I was being occupied & living with fear that, something happened to my heart. I have Mitral valve Prolapse with Trivial MR, which was diagnosed 5 years back. I am been googling that, anxiety chest pain/chest tightness or palpitation are harmless to be relaxed from anxiety & mvp & came across many unwanted  heart related symtoms, which made me very obsessed & fearful. I was trying to get assurance on one symptoms, another symptoms I will pickup from the internet, like this cycle continuing, While browsing the anxiety I came across a word Variant Angina(which is without blockage, your arteries will go to temporary spasm/stop blood) I somehow manage to overcome this fear after lot of efforts but, one setback came, that, the way to diagnose is to hyperventilate the patient & do EKg. Since then i got more feared. Now i am fearing if i hyperventilate i will get coronary artery spasm & will dies. I know that it is wrong, but i started obsessing about the word hyperventilation. If it is like that, all anxious people who hyperventilate will get coronary artery spasm & die. I am trap in to fear. plz help me to come out of the vicious cycle of fear. I will be grateful to you all my life. I have two kids & wife. I don't have any help from anyone. I was coping with the anxiety symtoms (chest pain/palpitation/chest tightness/dizziness/lightheadedness/jelly leg etc), by reading Dr. Claire weekes book, that, anxiety will not kill you. Now I came to where I was in the beginning. I started to worry about all anxiety symptoms & fearing that it will cause coronary artery spasm/heart attack. I know anxiety causes hyperventilation, i am misinterpreting all this symptoms. I am coping with the fear of coronary artery spasm that, it is similar to heart attack & chest pain should be severe for more than 5mintues & mostly are young females, but whenever I think of word hyperventilation or whenever I feel anxious, suddenly it comes to my mind. plz help me to come out of this fear. God bless you."

ANSWER: Afzal,

I am not a doctor but I can tell you that I went through exactly what you are going through right now!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE LISTEN CLOSE!

There are several issues here that you MUST get taken care of... I am going to put them in some kind of order for you! Here is the REALITY of it!
You either take care of these things or choose to live your life like you are! This is ultimately your decision. I am telling you this because I feel, at this point, You need someone to lead you!

You are totally running around , day to day in total fear that you are putting on your-self!
The most important thing that you can do for yourself is get on a good medication for OCD and Anxiety. You are Obsessing over things that are Not happening! You are convincing yourself that all of these things are real and happening to you but the doctors are probably just missing it in their diagnosis. You are Reading, Reading, Reading....And...more and more symptoms you are adding to yourself!
So #1. Get on a medication through your doctor for OCD AND ANXIETY! TAKE THE MEDICINE!!!!!!!!

EVERYONE that has Anxiety issues does not want to take any medication!!! (Just like I was) We think that we can figure everything out on our own....even better than the doctors or anyone else!
HOWEVER.... When we are thinking the way we are (NOT having rational thoughts) THEN, others can see us different than we are seeing ourselves. In other words.... We are Not capable of thinking this thing out rationally and getting the treatment we need to STOP these thoughts we are having!

The HIV.... You say you have the fear of having HIV! That is the SECOND thing that you have got to do! After you are on a good medication that will calm your ~~rapid running thoughts down....GET CHECKED for the HIV!

Most likely...that is in your head also and you do not have it! Maybe you have done something in your past and are just fearful of this out of feeling guilt! I have been checked for HIV before.... simply because I had been with someone else after divorce with no protection.
It was Negative.... and, I know the relief I felt after the results came in :)
That is your PRIVATE business and you never have to tell anyone unless it is someone in danger! ~~That means ~~ONLY AFTER the results come back!!!! NOT BEFORE OUT OF FEAR!!!!!

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to email me. You MUST listen to someone at some point. If you do not listen, people will eventually not want to her you! Being on the right medicine can ease all of those racing thoughts and settle your mind down. That is the very first thing you need to do.
STOP READING everything off the internet and all of the books in this world! Get your head on straight first! Then you can read books if you want to! BUT, Only to educate yourself....NOT to add to your list of symptoms!

I lay it out straight because I do not want to focus on the negative and just sit here and agree with you. That will not help you at all!
So, do not take me the wrong way! I only want what is best for YOU!
I am here if you need me!


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QUESTION: Dear Carolina,

Thanks for your reply, i started taking cipralex for my severe anxiety & klonopin 0.25mg whenever the anxiety is controllable. I ask the cardiologist, whether hyperventilation can cause coronary artery spasm, he told me No hyperventilation will not cause coronary artery spasm or variant angina, but still i am obsessing with the word hyperventilation, it is not going from my mind. when ever i think of word hyperventilation, that article which was written reminds me of the word coronary artery spasm & i start to panic. What should i do. plz help me, how to fight this fear.Nothing is helping me. I will be very grateful to you. plz help me how to get out of it. God bless you

I can tell you that there was a time that I was sooooo focused on Hyperventilating... It was due to stress that I was having those thoughts.
You may be taking something for the anxiety but, it does not sound like you are getting the full benefit from the medicine or, the doctor may want to change you over to something else. Prozc worked the best for me....
The combination of both Prozac and Klonopin did the best for me. I went through life so like what you are going through. I WORRIED about EVERYTHING!!! I constantly talked about it and It seemed like all I could do was focus on the troubles I had in my mind!

Talk to your doctor if you feel this Cipralex is not doing it for you! Make sure though that you have given that medicine a good try first.
Once you are on the right medicine combination, you will know it. You will start to feel more focused and less worried about things.
Then, after you are on the right combination, get the HIV test out of the way and put your mind at ease...

Hang in there and let me know how you are doing. I REALLY believe that this is your VERY Important thing is you take your medicine EXACTLY as you are suppose to and do not back off of it when you start to feel better...... I know EXACTLY how you feel but if you will try to distract yourself from your thoughts then I believe it is a matter of getting you on track with the right medicines..... If you find yourself to be worrying...get up and go do something to distract you!

And REMEMBER..... No looking things up on the computer or any books until later on when you are focused..... Talk to your doctor!!! After this is under control, you will not have the desire to read EVERYTHING!

I am here for you!!!!


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