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Dear Carolina

Recently I tore the skin in between my finger name and the flesh area, right where the two borders. I immediately had it attended to by a nurse, who cleaned it with more than one substance before finally wrapping it. Now this minor treatment was not really painful, well bearly. Now, just after stepping out of the camp clinic I started feeling very ill, and I knew this bad feeling was connected to the dressing of my finger which just took place, for this is not the first time I had to endure these faint feelings even while minor injuries are treated. Now, after feeling ill, I sat somewhere and the feelings grew far worse to the extent that I began sweating a lot, and just could not remain still, and even had to decline help to go to the nurse, for I felt quite sure that had I stood up I would have passed out even while being assisted. In a little after 5 minutes the feelings went, and a little of it remained for a few hours until later in the evening it went completely. Now over the years I have been wondering what causes these feelings when my injuries are attended to. Years ago I saw a mother attending to her son's injury. Now when I saw the pair of scissors in her hands, I immediately fell ill, and remained ill until I left work. Can you explain this kind of experience to me, and what causes them and how I can overcome them? Many thanks in anticipation of your soon reply.

Your truly

Hi David,
Remember that I am not a doctor and I am only giving you my personal opinion. Because of the way you described the circumstances that make you feel "ill" it sounds like to me that, the idea of pain or blood is freaking you out.
Then, you get nauseated and feel faint because, you have psyched yourself out and imagined way worse than what you actually just saw... for some reason.
As far as a panic attack. You sound like you get very anxious at the sight of injury and the result of that is, your nerves get all out of whack and your body reacts to that by sweating and feeling sick. You have to get your grips before those feelings start to subside....
I do not know your age but, it may be that during your life, you witnessed something that gave you this awful fear.
It could even be another person was hurt or over-reacted to situations and you learned to behave in that way....
Look at the people that you have most been around all of these years. Is there someone in your family that totally over-reacts to situations instead of dealing with them calmly?
Our childhood can play tricks on us as we are growing up... What you need to do is to work on overcoming that fear of whatever is upsetting you.
I would first try to figure out if you can connect your problem to the over-reaction of a family member to see if it may be "learned behavior".
This is about the exact same thing, if you think about it.... as being afraid of heights, etc.
You are feeding yourself negative information that is making your body react in a negative way.
Just like if you took someone high up in the mountains driving on a narrow road. They can see down the edge of the mountain BUT, it has a big strong steel guard-rail protecting anyone from going off of the road.
The person that you took on the drive is totally feeling sick and nervous and the rest of the people in the car feel they are safe and it does not bother them at all. That is because, that one person is feeding themselves negative energy instead of turning their focus to something else and enjoying the ride...
The one way that you can treat this once and for all is to sit down at your own pace..... Look on the internet for MINOR or EXTREMELY MINOR cuts. Look at the pictures as long as you can a little bit each day until that MINOR cut is easy to look at.Do Not just sit there freaking yourself out. Listen to some music while you are looking and train your mind to RE-FOCUS your thoughts on something else..... IMMEDIATELY!
This is going to train your mind to not freak out as it will be desensitized as time goes by and it will not worry your mind to see it anymore. Then if you want to, go up a notch until you have mastered that fear.
I have been in your shoes only with other issues and this Totally worked for me...
I hope I have helped you in some way today! I have a Favorite saying that I am going to leave you with...
"Do the thing that you Fear the most and the DEATH of FEAR is CERTAIN"

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