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Hi. I am a 16 year old female and seen to be having problems with either my brain, sensory system, or simply anxiety. I have recently been having the feeling that my brain may not be in sync with my body. I have feelings of light-headedness and a sort of floating feeling. I feel like I am not getting enough oxygen sometimes but try to push past that with a few deep breaths. There have also been times where my vision has been affected by these "episodes". I do NOT do any kind of drug or partake in alcohol use. I have a history of major depression but never of anxiety. I like to think of myself as a pretty layed back person in general. Can someone try and explain to me why I may be feeling this way? It has been occurring for approximately 4 months now. I don't want to confront anybody about it until I get more opinions and do more research.

Hi Mary,

This is not simple, but to begin to find the cause and heal it, you need to be totally honest. By that I mean with yourself.  If you have a history of major depression, you canít be a pretty laid back person. You can ACT like one, but you are not being real.

Now the best way to begin to identify what is really going on is to begin writing your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a journal. Iíd start with your depression and from there; go to what happened four months ago that triggered your present experiences. After that, as soon as you feel an attack coming on, write what you were experiencing before, during and afterÖ

Now on a physical side. While you state that you donít do drugs or alcohol, you didnít mention if you are taking prescription drugs for your depression, and if so, has your prescription recently changed, including manufacturer. Also has your diet changed? Are you over or under weight? Do you exercise?  Do you crave any specific foods or drinks? Do you drink enough water?

As you can see, these are all important questions you need to answer truthfully if you are to heal this issue. Once you have an answer, keep asking yourself more questions until you get to the bottom.  And do that with other statements and questions as they come up. If you are unsure as to how to proceed, just answer the questions I have asked and then Iíll ask more to get you on the right THINKING track..


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