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I wasn't sure where to send this to but I'm hoping this is the right place. I'll start with an overview.

Over the past month I've been experiencing panic attacks on and off whenever I try to sleep. I feel anxious to go to bed and on some nights even discussing bed or sleep can make me feel nauseous or anxious. My doctor put me on to calming pills, and a few nights ago I lessened the dosage from 2 pills to 1 and I was completely fine. The other night I tried to go without a pill, and I felt like I was back to square one. I slept, uncomfortably after taking a pill at 11pm at night. Since then I haven't been able to sleep consistently, with or without pills as every time I try, I find myself to be incredibly anxious for no apparent reason. My mind seems to be in a constant whirl and relaxation is difficult. I really just want to be able to sleep normally and fix this night-time anxiety. Throughout the day I am absolutely fine, and nothing in my life causes me any great distress. I don't smoke or drink at all just to be clear.

Your help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Craig,

There are all sorts of reasons why people may experience sleeplessness and insomnia. One of the major causes is hypoglycemia (or pre-diabetic insulin resistance) (

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (

Please read:

Biochemistry of Insomnia

An immediate remedy, but not a cure is taking glycerine that is obtainable from a health food store. See:


I hope I have been of some help.

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