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I am a 60 year old lady who suffers from panic disorder also low b12 and sometimes iron, I have suffered from ocular migraines since I was 30 year old .I have had all the tests to rule out illnesses and the doctor said the blind coloured spots in my eyes are from stress. Ok, how do I deal with this, everytime I get one I get so panicky and I am terrified, You would think after all these years I would stop being scared but this is not the case. I am sensitised for days after a ocular and I am always checking my eyes to see if I am getting one. It has become like a phobia even while I am typing this desperate letter of please reassure me I have my eyes held opened wide all my muscles around my eyes feel so tight and taut. I am so scared of the dazzling light show ,Mt eye doctor assures me that my optic nerves at the back of my eyes are so healthy and for a little while I feel safe again until another attack comes out of the blue, and I am frightened all over again. How does one deal with this? The attacks went away for years and out of the blue when I am at my best they came back, Please help me feel safe again ,If you know of a way to deal with these migraines or whatever they are I sure would love some advice. I am always so very scared and my biggest fear is the fear of death,and I do not look sixty but I am and I am so frightened of my future,
Thank you so very much for making the time for me
Hugs Helen""

You have the classic signs of anxiety. Panic attacks are the ultimate working yourself up that process. You have to teach yourself to relax and stop examining every part of your symptoms as if they were going to somehow be the cause of your demise, they won't be.
I have written a book called 'Stop your panic attacks/ anxiety simply and naturally'.
It is available in book, e-book and audio formats.
I think you would get some valuable information on how to look at the way you treat your anxiety and it gives clear instruction on how to change your way of thinking to rid yourself of panic attacks for good. And it's not an big or expensive book.
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Hints and guidance on how to get through and eventually stop panic attacks and anxiety.


I am not a Doctor nor in any way involved in the medical profession, but I have suffered Panic Attacks and learned a simple formula on how to get rid of them for good. I originally suffered when I was younger and when I had a relapse and had to go beck and relearn the techniques, I realised that I had developed my own formula.

My book is available on amazon sites as a paperback and as a kindle book, an audiobook and a MP3 download. It is aklso available on my own website as an Paperback an MP3 download and an e-book.

Writer. I have written a book with a set programme on Anxiety and Panic Attacks. 'Stop Your Anxiety /Panic Attacks Simply and Naturally. Is has been acclaimed by people who read it and it has worked for them, because I can identify what they are going through and as an ex sufferer, I can help them through it.

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