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Panic Disorders/Attacks/Ocular Migraines causing more panic


QUESTION: Hello John,   I am 60 year old female who has been getting Ocular Migraines for over 30 years having them sometimes twice a day- having headaches sometimes but more often not. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress and Panic Disorder and am Vitamin b12 deficient, I had tests by doctors years ago for the Oculars and they advised me what it was and that was fine. Well much has happened over the years and need advice now as I am getting really worried and it's started again 12 months ago and seems to be coming more frequent, scaring me especially when I see fragmented colours of pink blue green and other colours, it takes approximately 30 minutes before they go leaving me with light sensitivity for days and nausea wanting to vomit which is embarrassing me so much as most times I'm alone and in a public area.  Please let me know if I have a major problem I am so worried and frightened. Do you think I have tumour as I am petrified that this condition is not going away and seems to be coming more frequent. Thank you kindly. Regards Karen

ANSWER: Hi Karen,

If you have had this condition for 30 years I wouldn’t consider it “life threatening,” but I can see your cause for concern. However, there is more to this than meets the eye, no pun intended. Now I’m going to link three things together as they are definitely related.
1)   The fact that you have had this condition for 30 years
2)   That you also suffer from PTSD
3)   That this became accelerated 12 months ago.

What happened 30 or more years ago?  What did you experience BEFORE this began to happen? What did you experience that caused the PSTD?  What is common to that and the experiences 30 years ago? What happened 12 months ago that triggered you again and is also related to the previous questions?

I suggest that you begin writing in a journal and keeping tabs on what you are doing before you have an attack  and then also all your feelings and emotions that are coming up.  You need to become your own detective and doctor and look for what is not seen. Which brings me to what I have been picking up about your Ocular Migraines. I feel that you experienced and saw something that terrified you. The headaches are the result of trying to keep the memories, feelings and emotions locked up and suppressed, as that takes a lot of energy.  I don’t feel that what you saw was unloving, but it shook your reality, your beliefs and that was traumatic.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix, but you can heal all that is ailing you, if you so choose to. I don’t know if you meditate, or have a person that is willing to help you use meditation as a tool to uncover what is hidden, but if you don’t, you can still do it on your own. I’m going to give you a link to my website where you can download my free eBooks. I’ll leave it up to you which book or parts you read as you will read what you need to help you. If you have more questions, you know where to find me.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Reed you brought tears to my eyes I believe that what you have said has more than a lot of validity. I do keep a journal and have done so much research on all the fears and phobias my PTSD my panic and as many symptoms I research constantly. Thank you so much you have just given me a reason that I feel it has been but I've been told I'm too sane and very aware of more than just my surroundings. Your kind caring offer has given me hope as I felt I needed someone to help me look deeper and you did that dear Reed.  I look forward to going through your ebooksand finding tools to help me heal from this debilitating suffering. You are correct I have been through a lot but have trouble talking about so much as some stuff is quite horrific. Reed do you do readings as I feel a beautiful connection with you and your caring heart. You have given me a starting pointand I thank you. This is still very frightening so your advice is most comforting. Reed I would pay you for a reading if you have intuitive healing abilities which I feel that you have. An empath am I correct? Bless your heart I look forward to yout reply. Hugs Karen

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the kind words. ((hugs))

Yes I am an empath. I don’t do “readings” per say, as most of what I share is what I pick up in the moment I am talking to a person or reading their words. Read my books and when you feel you are ready to do a meditation to find and begin to heal an issue, I would be open to facilitating it over Skype as it usually takes 45 – 60 minutes. Once you have experienced a meditation, you can adapt it and use it to help yourself find and heal other issues.

I say meditation vs having a reading, as a meditation is a personal experience into the deeper aspects of your Being. Of course, I do share what I am picking up as you have your experience that will either confirm what you are experiencing, or will nudge you to express what you are afraid to express.


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