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Hi lately I have been trying to help my mother with her fear of death while talking to her about dying and what scares her about it I began to realize that every time we started to talk about it I would get this fear in the pit of my stomach knowing that one day I was going to try to take a breath and wouldn't be able to and then for the next few minutes smother until my body died. I live the fear as though it's about to happen. I get this fear all the time now it's always going through my mind thoughts of dying popping up for no reason living it as though I've been put on a waiting list for surgery feeling the fear about the operation not knowing when I'm up but also knowing I can't stop it. Is there something that can help with this fear
Please help

Hi Cyndi,

Fear of death we all share, but when this fear starts to interfere with your life, we must consider the possibility that it may be caused by an internal abnormality that causes the overproduction of stress hormones.  The most common illness that can trigger the release of excess stress hormones is hypoglycemia (

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (

An other reference that will explain the phenomenon is

Beating Anxiety and Phobias

Please discuss this within nutritional doctor if you want to.

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Panic Disorders/Attacks

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