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Looking for help and reassurance here, I have been having balance problems for some time, It starts with a strange feeling in the side of the jaw like my ear has lost equilibrium and then I walk like I am going to fall .I feel this quick fall to the side sensation and I jerk myself back, other times I sit on the floor real quick until the feeling goes away, The last 10 days I have been having these feelings everyday all day. I went to three Doctors in 2 days I was petrified, One Doctor said I had a ruptured ear drum on one side and fluid on the other ear, the other Doctor said I had no fluid in one ear and a slight swelling in the other. The third Doctor said my ears were clear. aand that I was suffering a flare up of PTSD and Panic that I have suffered from since I was 21 I am now 60 .Now today I feel like I may have an abscess in the jaw or Eustachian tubes as it is stinging slightly under the ear. I am so scared My tonsil does feel sore(right one) and I do get tonsils stones
Even sitting here I get a rocking off balance sensation .What could this be
Anyone else experience this
I did have a strange thing happen the night before I went to the second Doctor, I was panicking and pacing lifted my head up and this strange bitter taste came flowing from the back of my nose into my throat and for a little while my balance improved. Could the fluid in my ear have drained out the back of my nose, That would explain why the second Doctor did not see fluid in the ear canal. I am deaf or frequency deafness although I have not been tested in years >the Doctor has made me an appointment to have a hearing test, I did have a throat virus that took my voice away about 5 weeks ago could this be related, my jaw is hurting and I am scared
Regards Helen"

Hello Helen,
When I read this email, it sounds to me like you really have several things going on. I am not a doctor and, I know how some doctors are and how you can get misdiagnosed by some. I do however believe that you may have more than one issue going on here. You need to take in consideration that we ALL have things come up on us once in a while and, even though we are scared or hate it, it has to be corrected. It sounds to me like there may be something wrong with your ear(s) or even your sinuses may be involved. The balance issue can very well be caused by the ear, or sinuses, or both. You can get an off balance feeling from panic attacks but, it is usually an on-going feeling of unsteadiness or, even the feeling of being pushed.
I believe you need to see the doctor that makes the most sense to you about your ears and come up with the true problem so it can be corrected for you. Being that you have panic attacks, I know all too well about how easy it is to jump around from doctor to doctor until they tell us what we want to hear. The panic attacks are coming from the things that you have been told at these doctors offices. Your main problem here is that you are SCARED and really do not want to hear any of it. You are now in a whirlwind because you have gone to so many doctors and you are now doubting what may really be the problem. The 1ST thing you need to do is get your Fears under control so you can accept an answer and get the treatment you need. It IS scary to be our age and see all of this stuff come up on us that we did not have before this age we are now going through. I have been diagnosed with diabetes and have to get several scary test done this month and next month, INCLUDING having my thyroid removed which freaks me out for someone to be cutting on my neck BUT, if I freak myself out, I will not get any of it done, then anything can happen. We have NO choice but to keep ourselves healthy. The real problem with myself is being put under and that is because, people like us that have panic attacks have a fear of not being in control. Being put out is a lack of control, when I recognize that, I deal with it and get it done and behind me. Let the doctors treat you and you work on getting in good mental health.
Thank you for writing and I wish you much happiness.

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