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Hi,my name is Klaas,38years old,man,I dont smoke,no drink,no drugs.Healthy individual,athletic,188cm and 92 kg.
I have a hot temper and ,in the past,everytime when i got angry,I became agressive either phisically or verbally.Of course I realised that was not the right way,and i tried to control muself.UNfortunatelly,i didnt always manage to control myself of becoming angry,however i managed to control myself once i became angry.
I thought that it is quite fine,but several times when i became angry,and restrainng myself,my whole body began to shake like i was in the freezer or something.Of course i became concerned,i visited my doctor many times about that,i was sent to the hospital for full heart check up,everything came back good.
OK I said,everything is fine but im still shaking when i get angry AND I dont react,what is this?,,well,i think its hyperventilation''i was told by my doc.
This evening,it happened again.I was on my PC,someone hacked my email and i got upset about that,however not very angry..however my heartbeat went up,my BP went very much higher than usually.I checked it at home since i have a BP machine which i use before and after training.I usually have it 115/75/ was 152/94/125 and it stayed there for about 1 hour.
I went to the hospital because i was shaking again.They chcked me...they said they cannot see any sign of disease.My BP was high,but my heart is OK.I was told that its ok such numbers if they are only ocassionaly.
However,they said maybe i control my anger too much once it is installed in my mind,instead of controlling it  and prevent myself to become angry...and that it is a reaction of my body/mind,because of that.Plus,that i might have became too anxious and perhaps i had a panick attack.My mouth became also severely dry all of a sudden,and my head was lightheaded.I am very confused about this,and i really dont know what to do about it.Amy advice would be apreciated.Thanks in advance.

Hello Klaas.

It is nice to hear from you from the Netherlands as I was born there too. Coming back to your problems, I suggest that you may be suffering from hypoglycemia (

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (

Hypoglycemia is an illness that causes the overproduction of stress hormones, quite unrelated to what is going on in the environment. These hormones function to supply the brain with biological energy (ATP), by converting glucoses stores in the body (glycogen) to glucose. The brain is completely dependent on a regular supply of glucose from food.

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Anger Management: Nutrition and Psychotherapy

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Panic Disorders/Attacks

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