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QUESTION: Hi i am 34 years old man. From last three years i got some stomach problem. Fear becomes part of my life and constantly thinking about my health and myself. I sometime feels headache, sometimes chest pain left arm disturbance that worse my thoughts more that what is the problem even whole thoughts come in my mind that i m ill due to which i feel fatigue anf feeling much more pain in legs nd sometimes feeling of having no energy that also leads to enhance my thoughts that i m ill. I m confused with all these situation. These things dnt let me to enjoy anything.

ANSWER: First of all sorry for taking so long to answer your question, I was away on holiday and could not access my page.

If you have had a check up with your doctor and there is nothing physical wrong with you, then you are suffering classic sighs of stress and anxiety. My book could help you greatly.
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Otherwise seek local self help groups who should be able to help you.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your kind reply. The doctor physically checked my eyes, face, legs, knee reflexes and heart with stethoscope and told that i am ok. No need to perform any test. And no need of using antidepresant. He told that the fatigue and chest pain is due to stomach acidity. He told to start excercise regularly .But still i m constantly thinking that why chest pain and left arm disturbance and sometimes fatigue. Shall i ignore this symptoms ???

If you have had a check up and the doctor says you are fit, then you are spending too much time worrying about nothing.
The more you worry about it, the more the symptoms will persist.
It's good advice to exercise regular, drink a lot of fresh water and learn to think in a positive way.
Again, a local self help group could help you with this..
Good luck with it.

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I am not a Doctor nor in any way involved in the medical profession, but I have suffered Panic Attacks and learned a simple formula on how to get rid of them for good. I originally suffered when I was younger and when I had a relapse and had to go beck and relearn the techniques, I realised that I had developed my own formula.

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