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Hi, i m 34 years old man. From last two years i have stomach gas problem and negative thoughts come in my mind. I m worried about my health and always thing whether there is some problem? Sometimes i feel pain in chest or left arm that goes back but the doctor said its muscular spasm. But still negative thoughts comes in my mind that may be i m ill. In short i m always thinking about myself. I cant enjoy surroundings. Will this thing be ok if it is anxiety ? What should be its treatment or it will be ok itself.

Hello Amir,
Remember, I am not a doctor but, from experience this is what I believe may be part of the problem. I went through the Exact same thing with the anxiety and panic attacks. It was when I was in my 20's and 30's....all I could do was Focus on Myself it seemed. I was a nervous wreck all of the time. If I was in a conversation with someone, I would even ask them questions about their day because, I could not understand how the stayed alone all day without anxiety. BUT, they did not think like I did..... It was awful and it seemed to hover over my head Constantly. Here is what you need to do.... Look at your life First and see what is going on that is causing you So Much Anxiety.... Because, you have had this anxiety eating at you for a while now, you have Focused on You so much, that is has gotten to the point where that is all you can think about. You need to get started on a good medication that will help to change the serotonin levels and help you to be calmer and Focus! There are a Lot of good medicine to help US with that now and you may need to be on it the rest of your life, or, maybe not. The Most Important Thing is that you keep taking the medicine Because, you Will start to feel more Normal and, Sometimes people think they are well and Stop their medicines. That is going to cause you to fall right back into where you were, once you get better, if you do that. I take MY medicine Everyday and DO NOT miss a dose. Because, I tried quitting when I was younger and REAL QUICKLY you know how much you Really do need it in your system. Get back to the doctor and DO NOT BE AFRAID to take the medicine. It will make you feel normal after a while and more focused. Eventually, you will Stop thinking about You all of the time. It will just Fade away! IF you have been medically checked out by a good doctor and they have not found anything wrong, and, you are still feeling this way THEN!!!!! Get on a medicine for Anxiety. ALL of us that have been through this DID NOT want to get on a medication! But, after Suffering So Much without the medication, We finally gave in and now have had Many years of feeling IN CONTROL! Do Not resist taking the medicine and Do Not OVERTHINK IT! I hope to hear back from you! I have been to many groups about this over the years and we all had the fear of starting the medicine...... Just take it and go do something and get your mind off of it Knowing that just in a few weeks, it is going to be the start of a New Life!.... REMEMBER, IF I DID IT, SO CAN YOU! I had SOOOO many fears that had turned into Phobia's Because I was too stubborn to get on medication. Most of the World is on medication for Something! This is just a chance for us to feel more like US! :)  I hope you will see it through!

Panic Disorders/Attacks

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I am not a doctor. I have however been on this site since 2008 and have answered many questions and helped a lot of people. You are welcome to check my stats. I love to know how you are getting along in months to come after talking with you. I do Care. I answer many questions about panic attacks from living experiences. I believe that I can save some other person from symptoms that I have been through myself. Having someone to talk to about this terrorizing experience always helps. Someone that has been through it and understands! You may ask me anything related to this subject, no matter how awkward you feel. There is nothing funny about anxiety or panic attacks and you will understand a little more about those feelings and, I will give you ways to get it under control.


I have suffered with panic attacks for the over 45 years. I have overcome many obstacles in regards to panic disorder and can answer many questions of how I overcame them. There is nothing you can ask me that I will not understand.

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