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Wes wrote at 2013-05-14 21:32:49
Your panic attacks very quickly drop your blood sugar which causes the body odour. The body odour is released through your fatty tissue glands and is probably quite rank and will linger for a very long time. There is no cure, nor is there any scientific study associated with it. It is quite common with people who are not diagnosed as diabetic but have serious issues with controlling blood sugar. Many times this issue also causes fishy smell, which the good folks at Metformin have misidentified as the smell of their product and others have misidentified it as Trimethy..whatchamacalit. Basically the deal-e-o is, you get anxiety, your blood sugar gets eaten up at a rapid pace, your body races to burn fat and protein to keep you alive and the pendulum rapidly swings in the other direction and bada-bing badda-boom you reek. There is no cure, there is no study there is no hope. It will only get worse. I'm sorry.  

Panic Disorders/Attacks

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