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Panic Disorders/Attacks/panic attacks in toddlers


Karla wrote at 2013-04-17 04:45:23
Hi Christine,

Although 5 years after your post, I came across your post and I'm also going throught this stage with my 22 month old son. But his panic started from a thunderstorm last week (4/2013) .  

Can you give feedback on how did you dealt with your daughter.  I called the pediatrics and she said, that he must have been traumatized by the storm but it will pass.  Your story sounds exactly with what I'm going through. Even with the car ride, which he is now afraid of big trucks.

It really breaks my heart to see him act this way and is now affecting his behavior in his daycare which he would now have sudden panic attacks and cry for a while.



Panic Disorders/Attacks

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