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Paper & Pulp/Reams of paper = Tree?


Hello Mr.Pederzani,

I'm a data analyst working for a large healthcare
organization located in Sun City West Arizona.

My question is this:    Approximately how many reams of paper equate to one average tree?
The paper being a basic stock 8 1/2 X 11.

If this is not a question you feel comfortable
responding to, perhaps you could direct me to the
correct individual/group that could approximate this for me?   

I'm compiling a list of interesting "did you know"
statistic's for an internal publication.
For example, One of our hosptials for just
one application, but our main hosptial information
system, printed 18,564 pages of data on one day.    (approx 37 reams of paper..)  
I'd like to be able to equate that to trees -
knowing that most of the paper we use is recycled,
it would've originated from a tree!

ps..if you can provide me with an answer, I will
of course document my source!

Carol Olson

There are 325 (approx) square feet / ream of paper (8.5" * 11" * 500) / 144")and the average wt./ thousand sq. meters (msm) is about 20 lbs. then the weight of one ream is about 325/1076 * (20) = 6 lbs.  Some of this would be clays and such depending on the grade and the manufacturer.  A 1000 log would then yield about 133 reams of copier paper assuming an 80% yield from log to paper machine (800/6).  As to the equivalent in trees, it depends on how big you assume the tree to be. You can adjust that to your own liking.

The recycling you mention is important.  Corrugated boxes are recovered and recycled at about 85%.  Extremely high.  Unfortunately few companies recycle office paper, compared to a few years ago.  The irony is that that paper has a "high-grade" fiber and can be used in virtually any recycling venture but because it generally goes into the waste basket, as opposed to the recycling basket, it end up in the land fill.  Books have been written about what CAN be recycled, and what IS recycled.  One major recycler, Jefferson Smurfit Corp and can accessed on the web and you might find more pertinent information there.   Good luck!

Robert Pederzani

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