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Paranormal Phenomena/mysterious handprint on my body


robin wrote at 2009-09-24 18:52:30
hello,im robin

im writing to let you know about my daughter and her encounter,my daughter is 12 and about a month ago she woke up with 1 hand print on each of her legs just above the knees and they were there for about 5 hours and they disappeared, my wife and i have also heard footsteps coming up and down the stairs from the second floor in our place,we also rent and we have tried to find out the history of this house but nobody can tell us anything.

we do live about 100m from a graveyard and if we are out side and we look up into the top window we can sometimes see a face but its very faint and never there for a long time our little dog also sometimes sits at the bottom of the stairs barking at them but there is nothing we can see thats there,

i do have pictures of these marks on her legs so if you would like to see them and tell us whats going on that would be great,the hand prints are clearly visable and very good quality,so please if you could help and tell us what to do to get rid of this spirit that would be great

many thanks

Robin Clark

monty wrote at 2009-10-27 15:05:51
I have recently experienced the same things. But mine have been on numerous occasions. This last weekend I woke up with bruising on my arm in the shape of finger prints. This comes after a recent passage where I have woken up wiht hand marks on different places on my body. Some on stomach and sometimes on my thigh. Its not sore and Ghosts dont scare me, and even though I have my evidence that our house has some sort of being in it, I dont lose any sleep over it.

Confused Mother wrote at 2010-02-21 22:08:48
Hello, I believe I have had an encounter with something paranormal ( well my 1yr old daughter).  I put her down to sleep in her crib and maybe about 20 minutes later I heard her shriek.  So I ran upstairs to get her, went back downstairs and sat in a chair.  I saw right above her right wrist a handprint, it was of three fingerprints-very distinctive and it was red.  You could feel the outline of the three fingerprints.  It blew my mind, I sat there in disbelief, it took me a minute- I sat there and said "someone grabbed her".  A second later I thought, "maybe there was a toy in her crib" that could have left this print, so I went upstairs, looked in her crib....nothing, no toy, no blanket, no nothing.  Just her crib mattress. I am so confused, what does this mean? Is there a sprit in our house?  Should we leave?

bvk wrote at 2012-08-04 18:48:38
i had finger prints in my arm suddenly.... it apeared frm no where it was so clear five of the finger prints were red in color and a level above frm my skin like swollen ... the print stayed for almost 2week ... and still thr is some mark left...

bvk wrote at 2012-08-05 15:31:34
i had finger prints in my arm suddenly.... it apeared frm no where it was so clear five of the finger prints were red in color and a level above frm my skin like swollen ... the print stayed for almost 2week ... and still thr is some mark left...

Taylor wrote at 2015-09-05 14:47:42
If all of you guys are really worried about it, I would suggest looking up a cleansing ritual if nothing more violent happened. They're usually pretty simple, and if not, then find a simple one. (for your sake, I hope it works). I would definitely suggest this if the bruises hurt or the entity is causing any more pain. Best of luck to all of you.  

Katharina wrote at 2016-08-03 06:57:55
Usually,this happens when demons or spirits try to scare us.When that happens more often we get so scared that it becomes easy for them to posses us.The more you fear the more you feed their energy.The only way to get rid of them is to pray and fast and bless your home in Jesus name.Tell them to leave in his name and tell them every day.

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